Hardwood Restoration

What you need to know

We staff a professional team of hardwood care experts with the goal of providing you with the highest quality hardwood flooring restoration services in the region.

We offer hardwood restoration to both our residential and commercial customers, delivered consistently and reliably with high-quality results that speak for themselves!

So, what do you need to know about professional hardwood restoration from PDJ Shaw Floors?

  1. Hardwood floors can become worn and dull over time. Unlike other types of flooring, however, hardwood can be refinished to restore its former glory!
  2. Solid hardwood & engineered hardwood differ significantly when it comes to restoration. The average solid hardwood floor can be refinished up to a dozen times over the entirety of its lifespan before eventually needing to be replaced. Engineered hardwood floors, on the other hand, can only be refinished once or twice, max, due mostly to the reduced thickness of the surface layer of wood. Keep this in mind when purchasing floors and planning for the future.
  3. DIY projects can save you money, but cost you in quality. Handling heavy equipment in precise ways is not a task to be taken lightly. Unless you've had training and lots of practice working with sanders, you may end up with an uneven finish or irreversible divots. Put your trust in our pros, and we'll ensure a quality job that you won't mind staring at for the next several years.
  4. Be ready for lots of dust and noise! If you do end up taking on a DIY project, know that a good dust mask or respirator is a must! When we refinish your floors, we'll make sure that your furniture and other belongings are safely covered and out of the way before the job begins. Doorways will be sealed off with plastic sheeting, and forced-air HVAC systems will be powered off to avoid unwanted circulation throughout your home.

Ready to learn more about hardwood restoration or to get started on your project? Contact us today to get more info and to schedule an appointment!