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Carpet Binding

Create your own custom area rug, in-store!

Carpet Binding

Create custom area rugs or stair runners with our professional carpet binding services. Carpet binding is a technique used to neaten edges of a carpet to protect them from fraying and is commonly used to create a decorative finish along the edges. Binding techniques can also be used to repair a carpet, depending on the severity and location of the damage. We offer binding in various colors and finishes to suit any style of carpet through the Shaw Cut-a-Rug program.

Cut-a-Rug gives you the flexibility to choose the design you want and the size. We can create a custom area rug for you from just about any type of carpeting that we have available here in our Waterloo showroom! Add a beautiful custom border and you've got yourself a beautiful custom, room-size rug that's all you, crafted for you right here in front of you!

Don't compromise the design of your space by trying to match your room to a rug. Match a rug to your room with a custom-bound area rug from PDJ Shaw Flooring! If you're interested in creating your own area rug design, visit our showroom or contact us today for more info!